Al Kaabi as President and Al Ahmadi as Vice President The first general assembly meeting of the Union for Human Rights Association

Abu Dhabi on February 10 th2024
The Union for Human Rights Association held its first general assembly in the capital Abu Dhabi with the participation of founding members and representatives from the Ministry of Community Development and the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi. The assembly witnessed the election of the association’s board of directors for its first term, which will continue for the next 4 years.
The general assembly praised the United Arab Emirates and its wise leadership for establishing national mechanisms concerned with human rights, especially the activation of civil society institutions, enhancing respect for human rights in the country, and its continuous efforts to improve the human rights situation based on the constitution and national legislation. It also highlighted the state’s commitment to ensuring that citizens and residents enjoy the rights and freedoms based on the noble humanitarian values and principles, in addition to its adherence to international legislation and mechanisms that the state is keen on fulfilling and enhancing partnerships with.
The general assembly reiterated its commitment to achieving the goals and objectives for which the association was established. It expressed deep appreciation to the Ministry of Community Development for its commitment to affirming partnerships with all civil society institutions in the country. It also commended the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi for its interest in supporting the association and fostering partnership in everything that contributes to the development and activation of civil society institutions in the country, ensuring their important role in highlighting the country’s civilizational and humanitarian aspects on all levels.
Following the conclusion of the General Assembly, the board of Directors of the association held its first meeting, where the election process was held for the formation of the association’s board of directors for the first term, ending in 2028. The results of the elections saw Dr. Fatima Khalifa Al Kaabi elected as the President of the Board of Directors, while Ms. Mariam Al Ahmadi was elected as the Vice President of the Board. Mr. Imran Al Khouri was appointed as the Secretary-General of the Association, Mr. Salam Mohammed Abu Karneeb as the financial Secretary, and Ms. Israa Al Ameri as a member of the Board of Directors.
Dr. Fatima Khalifa Al Kaabi, President of the Union for Human Rights Association, expressed the association’s commitment and support for the core values and principles related to human rights, as enshrined in the constitution and laws of the country, as well as in all relevant treaties and agreements concerning international human rights law and international humanitarian law. She noted that the association will focus on 16 integrated legal specialties, including providing advice on national reports submitted by the country to international bodies and mechanisms concerned with human rights, and promoting respect for civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights for all segments of society. The association aims to activate its regional and international role by engaging and participating in all relevant international events and activities, in addition to promoting human rights awareness.
The Ministry of Community Development issued a decision to declare and register the Union for Human Rights Association as a public benefit corporation under number (234) in the ministry’s registers. Its headquarters will be located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and its activity department is the United Arab Emirates.

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