Decoding Consumer Behavior through AI: Zero Gravity Technology’s Innovative Leap with AED 15 Million Investment

Abu dhabi: safar news

Tariq Al Hosani, Chief Executive Officer of Zero Gravity Group Conpanies, recently announced the UAE-based company’s firm commitment to catalyzing growth and innovation through significant investments in artificial intelligence. Al Hosani revealed that Zero Gravity has dedicated AED 15 million towards the creation and refinement of AI technologies. This endeavor, in collaboration with the nation’s small and medium-sized enterprises, is designed to equip businesses with the capability to anticipate consumer behavior with a remarkable 99% accuracy.

In a public statement, Al Hosani expressed, “In an era marked by rapid technological evolution, we’ve committed ourselves to harness the untapped potential of AI to benefit individuals and organizations. We’ve employed cutting-edge AI platforms like ‘Chat GPT’, ‘Midjourney’, ‘OpenAI Codex’, ‘TensorFlow’, and ‘IBM Watson’ to develop sophisticated software. This software, capable of collecting global internet data for strategic business and marketing use, has become a cornerstone in the successful execution of various ventures.”

A groundbreaking element of Zero Gravity’s approach is their development of a novel AI technology, designed to predict user behavior. This pioneering tool is seen as a game-changer in the market, offering organizations insights into consumer behavior like never before, thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Al Hosani continued, “Unlike companies who view AI as a potential workforce threat, we regard AI as an aid, a tool that enhances efficiency and productivity. Significant resources – time, research, and financial – have been invested to seamlessly incorporate AI into our operations, ensuring our projects reap the desired outcomes.”

Al Hosani also unveiled that Zero Gravity has successfully developed a series of Augmented Reality technologies and object recognition systems. The firm’s commitment to inventing new tools has been underscored by its collaborative initiatives with various governmental and private sector entities, demonstrating its leadership in technological advancement.

“With our relentless drive towards AI and automation, our objective is to offer organizations with effective, quick, and cost-efficient solutions that revolutionize their goal-achievement processes,” Al Hosani added, reaffirming the company’s mission to transform the business landscape.

In closing, Al Hosani thanked the UAE’s insightful leadership for their continuous support and attention given to national companies in this pivotal sector, stating, “Zero Gravity is committed to leveraging our resources and expertise to contribute to the progress of the technology sector in the UAE and beyond.”

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