Hala Group Announces the Launch of Hala Cashier After Acquiring FRESH POS

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  Riyadh – safarnews

 In line with its vision and mission to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to manage and grow their businesses, Hala Group announced the launch of the Hala Cashier system after acquiring FRESH POS Company as the new system aims to attract a wide range of customers from SMEs.

Relaunched in the Saudi market by Hala Group early this year after developing its previous version of FRESH POS, the Hala Cashier system succeeded in attracting more than 7000 customers during the past short period.

FRESH POS is an Android-based smart ERP system for store management designed for the retail sector of small and medium enterprises to help them manage their daily business and resources, such as inventory management, invoice issuing, management of accounting records, and electronic ordering. It was launched in 2019 by Hatim Al-Harbi, the Founder and CEO of FRESH POS and a pioneer in establishing technical projects to build specialized technical solutions to organize and facilitate the management of small and medium grocery stores.

After Hala Group took responsibility of developing the system, Hatim Al-Harbi said “The Hala Cashier team is tasked now with a greater mission and a bigger responsibility. After the system was focused on grocery stores only, it has now expanded to cover the entire sector of small and medium merchant sector, and is designed to develop the daily operations of these small stores and to improve communication with them, in addition to building integrated products that are compatible with the products of the Hala Group.”

After acquiring FRESH POS, the Hala Group, a provider of financial and technical solutions, empowered the company’s team and developed the work and production system to suit the market of small and medium merchant sector, and relaunched the upgraded product with its new identity “Hala Cashier”.

“We are very proud of what the Hala Cashier system has achieved during its first months, and we believe that the opportunities ahead are great, especially with the unlimited support provided by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to small and medium enterprises and the digital transformation of the Saudi economy and the significant increase in adoption of financial and non-financial digital alternatives by merchants and consumers,” said Esam Al-Nahdi, CEO of Hala Group.

“The results achieved by the Hala Cashier system confirmed the rightness of our decision to acquire FRESH POS based on the distinguished services provided by the system, its development potentials, and its ability to support the upcoming regulatory and legislative frameworks in the Kingdom,” said Maher Loubieh, Chief Strategy Officer at Hala Group.

“We are proud of the Hala Cashier team and their great role within the HALA Group and their supervision of the development and management of the system, and we believe that Hala Cashier has opportunities to expand and support enterprises and entrepreneurs around the region,” he added.

The Hala Group seeks to become the partner of choice for small and medium enterprises in the region. It works to attract entrepreneurs and experts in the field of financial and non-financial technology who aspire to provide innovative solutions to the small and medium-sized merchant sector.



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