Mansour Company for Gold announces the Opening of its Third Branch in Riyadh

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Riyadh, 29, March 2022, Saudi Arabia: Mansour Company for Gold (Mansour Group for Gold and Jewelry) opened its largest and most important branch in Riyadh, amid of a great ceremony organized on this occasion and was attended by a group of businessmen specialized in the trade of gold and jewelry, headed by the Deputy Sheikh of Al Sagha in the Western Region, Mr. Ali Batarfi, as well as some representatives from social media interested in luxury and fashion news.

With this unique event, the number of Mansour’s branches in Saudi Arabia exceeded 40, in addition to its other branches located in the United Arab Emirates.

The new branch is located in Royal Mall, covering an area of 161 square meters, and is distinguished by the elegant decor designed in the two colors of Mansour Company for Gold logo brand, golden and brown, with design touches that reflect craftsmanship. Within this sophisticated setting, visitors could discover Mansour’s creativities of gold and luxury jewelry.

On this opening occasion, Sheikh Mansour bin Abdullah, Chairman of Mansour Investment Holding Company, said: “We are constantly seeking to expand inside and outside the Kingdom, and the opening of a new branch in Riyadh represents an important qualitative leap in the march of the Gold Group, given the great importance of Riyadh, as it is the capital of business and the promising markets,” he added, “We adopt a clear vision in line with the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030, in order to enhance the lifestyles as well as the luxury inside and outside the Saudi society.”

It is worth noting that, the story of Mansour Company for Gold started years back in 1981, when it launched its first branch in the southern region of Saudi Arabia, later and within a short period of time, the business expanded by establishing more branches in different governorates included the northern and eastern.

Mansour Group is proud to be one of the largest retail and wholesale stores for gold and jewelry in the city of Jeddah, as it manufactures various modern products of gold, bullion and jewelry works of all calibers, through the group-owned factory located in Jeddah at total area of 3790 square meters, then the group’s business expanded outside Saudi Arabia in 2004, penetrating the UAE market, where the second largest wholesale branch is located in Dubai. The group is keen on satisfying its customers and is proud of their confidence, as well as its products that share with them happy moments and occasions.








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