Outstanding Participation for ‘Walaa Plus’ in ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition

The ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition was marked by a remarkable participation from ‘Walaa Plus’, a leading Saudi startup specializing in happiness, loyalty, and rewards programs. The event was an opportunity for ‘Walaa Plus’ to demonstrate vitality, excellence, innovation, and uniqueness.

In its dedicated booth at the ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition, ‘Walaa Plus’ offered visitors an interactive journey through its distinctive products and intelligent solutions designed for businesses and corporate clients. The professional team from ‘Walaa Plus’ was prompt and attentive in addressing visitors’ inquiries and fulfilling their needs.

‘Walaa Plus’ chose the ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition as the platform to launch its ‘Walaa Active’ program. This innovative offering is one of the company’s latest technical solutions, providing an integrated program to enhance health and inclusion among employees in their work environment and beyond. The program is designed to create individual and collective challenges and competitions among departments within the same institution.

During the ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition, ‘Walaa Plus’ signed a series of strategic agreements, confirming its leading position in the domain of happiness, loyalty, and rewards programs. These agreements highlight ‘Walaa Plus’ deep understanding of the market needs and aspirations of customers, making it an ideal partner for both public and private companies and institutions attending this significant event.

Among the new partnerships, ‘Walaa Plus’ signed an agreement to provide its ‘Walaa Offer’ program to ‘Tantal’ employees, aiming to boost their happiness and financial well-being. A similar agreement was established with ‘Shawarmer’. The ‘Walaa Offer’ program is one of ‘Walaa Plus’s’ most prominent initiatives, offering benefits and discounts to employees. Companies partnering with ‘Walaa Plus’ receive a customized website and application, featuring their branding, along with a regularly updated package of discounts, offers, and benefits for their employees.

In addition, ‘Walaa Plus’ signed a memorandum of understanding with ‘Al-Sulaiman Real Estate’, making the ‘Walaa One’ program the rewards and loyalty partner for Al-Sulaiman Real Estate’s customers. ‘Walaa One’, a digital platform offered by ‘Walaa Plus’, enables companies and brands to activate a loyalty and rewards program for their customers, allowing them to accumulate points in a single digital wallet and exchange them for special benefits.

‘Walaa Plus’ further distinguished itself by choosing ‘The Cloud’ as a new strategic partner. ‘The Cloud’ represents a unique technological platform and model designed to bridge the gap between companies and customers in the virtual cloud kitchens sector.

The ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition also saw ‘Walaa Plus’ sign a partnership memorandum with Zen HR, marking its entry into the cloud human resources solutions sector. This came after Zen HR made significant contributions to the daily operations of both employees and human resources departments.

During the event, ‘Walaa Plus’ also entered into a partnership agreement with the ‘National Finance Company’, one of the most prestigious brands in the financing sector in Saudi Arabia, known for its innovative and smart financing solutions that cover all regions of the kingdom.

Further partnerships included an MoU with ‘Daily Mills’, which specializes in the healthy food sector, and a new agreement with ‘Amin’, a company specializing in the field of physiotherapy.

The ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia 2023’ Conference and Exhibition is the largest to date, with more than 25,000 attendees, over 450 local and international companies, more than 200 start-up technology companies, and 450 speakers from local and international experts.

The conference theme “We Empower to Innovate” reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to promoting digital transformation, providing opportunities for innovation for investors and entrepreneurs, and fostering strategic partnerships to encourage the development of smart, innovative technological solutions.


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