Al Oula and Kiri come together for the second consecutive year with their new initiative Kiri’s Cookbook of Kindness to offer 5400 hours of training to empower & support Saudi women this Ramadan

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 20 April 2022

Ramadan is a time of reflection, celebration, and generosity. Al Oula , a female-led organization that promotes women empowerment and education across Saudi Arabia, is joining hands for the second consecutive year with Kiri, a Bel Group brand, for a unique Ramadan initiative under the theme “Together for Kindness”. This year, Kiri is empowering 150 women by funding 5400 hours of training under the Al Wahad Program that promotes women in need in Saudi Arabia. The brand sets to develop “Kiri’s Cookbook of Kindness”, a collection of recipes proposed by users on Kiri’s social platform.
The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time where consumers tend to spend more time online and a report by Facebook IQ in partnership with data and analytics firm YouGov showed that 42% of Saudis spend more time using mobile devices. As a result, Al Oula and Kiri have come together to leverage increased screen time to facilitate a knowledge exchange around health and wellbeing that will empower women across the Kingdom.
For the second year in a row, Kiri partners with Al Oula to support women in need in Saudi Arabia. Last year, Kiri funded 2,000 hours of skills training to empower women in the workforce following a series of WhatsApp challenges. This time, Al Oula and Kiri are set to launch a one-of-a-kind recipe exchange initiative through Instagram where each visitor will have a chance to propose their own and unique recipes to Kiri. With each recipe submission, users will be featured on a customized physical cookbook made out of all the recipe donations for “Kiri’s Cookbook of Kindness”. Kiri will also be producing a digital version to be shared with everyone who participated to further support the initiative.
“For 60 years, Al Oula has worked tirelessly to break societal barriers for women across the country through empowerment, training, and basic assistance programs to guarantee a full integration against mental and physical healthcare impediments,” said Dania Al Maeena, CEO at Al Oula. “Our partnership with Kiri defines a proactive step further into that direction, advancing an all-encompassing opportunity for Saudi women to gain better health and wellbeing.”
Created in 1962, Al Oula Foundation was the first Saudi organization to support and empower females as a cause. Today, the NGO is one of the Kingdom’s leading non-profits and has pioneered in establishing numerous social initiatives and resources from skill training to health and wellbeing. And since 2020, Al Oula has supported Saudi women through two core programs, namely the skills and the social support program, collectively assisting nearly 25 thousand women and girls in the in the Kingdom by improving children’s educational outcomes and equipping them with 21st century skills necessary for employment and financial independence including vital nourishment, health, and mental wellbeing.
“This partnership is perfectly in alignment with our brand ethos and values,” said Hiba Habeeb, Innovation Trade Marketing Manager at Bel Group KSA. “We are therefore we are thrilled to once again be partnering with Al Oula in an inspiring journey for Saudi women. With the ‘For All. For Good’ motto, Bel Group is strongly committed to actions that are innovative, positive and meaningful. Bel brands are determined to strengthen their positive impact, from farm to plate and Kiri is based on the brand philosophy of being ‘Generous by Nature’ – celebrating Arab mothers’ daily devotion and highlighting the power of their kindness.”

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