Ring Introduces the Spotlight Cam Plus in Saudi Arabia, Elevating Its Outdoor Home Security Lineup

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• With features such as Color Night Vision and built-in spotlights, Spotlight Cam Plus offers customers an extra layer of home security

• In addition to Spotlight Cam Plus, Ring has also launched its Solar Panel USB-C, which helps Ring USB-C security cameras stay charged for longer with just a few hours of direct sunlight

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – March 21, 2023 – Ring, whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer, today announced Spotlight Cam Plus, its next-generation Spotlight Cam featuring wide-angle 1080p HD video, built-in LED spotlights, and a security siren. Spotlight Cam Plus builds upon the features of Ring’s existing Spotlight Cam with Color Night Vision, a new design and dual power options, allowing users to easily switch between plug-in and battery power modes.

“Since its inception, Ring has constantly been innovating cost-effective, easy-to-use home security solutions that ensure peace of mind for our customers. The launch of Spotlight Cam Plus and Solar Panel USB-C, in Saudi Arabia, represents the next milestone in our exciting regional journey. With cutting-edge technology, including our Color Night Vision feature, we aim to enhance Saudi homeowners’ perception of smart home security, and keep them safe and connected to their loved ones,” said Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President – Emerging Markets, Ring.

Smart and Reliable Outdoor Security

Available in two colors (black and white), the next generation Spotlight Cam introduces a new, sleek design, while maintaining the features Ring users know and love, such as real-time notifications, Two-Way Talk and Live View. Spotlight Cam Plus also offers Color Night Vision and two motion-activated LED spotlights, allowing users to keep an eye on their property, day or night. With Battery and Plug-in power options available, customers can also choose the best option for their home setup.

Designed with privacy and security in mind, Spotlight Cam Plus offers advanced features such as Customizable Motion Zones that trigger an event, Privacy Zones that exclude areas in the camera’s field of view from capturing video, and Audio Toggle to turn off audio recording for added privacy.

Solar Panel USB-C

Today Ring also announced the new Solar Panel USB-C, compatible with Spotlight Cam Plus and other USB-C Ring Security Cams. Ring’s Solar Panel USB-C connects easily and seamlessly to Spotlight Cam Plus, so just a few hours of direct sunlight everyday will keep it charged around the clock. The adjustable arm allows users to get the ideal angle to maximize their solar power, while keeping their setup tidy with built-in cable management.

Pricing and Availability

Spotlight Cam Plus and Solar Panel USB-C are available for purchase on Amazon.sa in the Kingdom. Spotlight Cam Plus (Battery, Plug-in and Solar) starts from SAR 779.

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